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Meghan’s PR scores a win


I was not going to post either for or against this pair anymore, except perhaps for cartoons, but this from CNN really pissed me off.

Meghan’s PR team working overtime to smear British media and by extension Brits.

This CNN ‘rubbish’ is crap. But the ‘woke’ rally to support these entitled,selfish fools.

But Yanks, many of who are really racist, love this as it allows them to deflect from their own massive issues.

This effort will add more $ to their media deals, for Harry and Meghan. Hmm!

Gullible US media fall for the spin, as ‘progressive’ voices rally to support Meghan and Harry.

Earlier we had this self justification from Prince Harry, the sensitive flower,

This was backed by an apologist for Prince Harry, who worked for the vastly overrated Diana, who was very manipulative in my view.

  1. Kitty Catkin permalink
    20/01/2020 19:10

    The UK has so many different skin colours now that her race is probably not that important to most people. But, of course, it means that if anyone criticises her, they are accused of racism. She comes across as a tiresome person and I find her very patronising with her claims to empower women. As she can’t disempower us, she can’t empower us, either.


    • adamsmith1922 permalink*
      20/01/2020 19:38

      Yet, the media especially in the USA have latched onto this.

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  2. Kitty Catkin permalink
    20/01/2020 19:00

    Meow !!!! 🙂


    • Kitty Catkin permalink
      20/01/2020 19:11

      Meow was supposed to be the response to Adam, not me.


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