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Preaching damnation without salvation


From this post it is clear to me, that this is poorly designed resource based more on political ideology to meet demands from Shaw and his fellow cultists and has more to do with promoting a political cause than teaching facts. It should be withdrawn at once, fully vetted and a requirement for all views to be taught made mandatory. An investigation must be launched into How this disgrace was allowed should be undertaken at once.


Beef + Lamb NZ has responded to the emotion and misinformation in the teaching resource on climate change with facts and reason:

. . . Fiona Windle, Head of Nutrition at Beef + Lamb New Zealand said: “We support providing our children with information on climate change. The basis of this resource is founded on good intention and constructive discussion; however, we are concerned about the simplistic approach that has been taken and sweeping recommendations provided without context. While ‘reduce meat and dairy’ is a popular soundbite to roll out, the implications on our youngest and most impressionable in society could be far reaching and detrimental.”

“The recommendation to reduce meat and dairy consumption comes with no framework as to what represents a healthy diet. We ask the Ministry of Education; what should our children reduce their meat consumption to and what is the actual impact of doing so?…

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