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TV Crime: The Knock – S02 E03 (1996) – The Need For Substance


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Katherine’s radical techniques enrage Bill when she goes under cover to get close to Short, without Bill’s consent. Andreotti infiltrates Davies’ gang and is shocked to see a familiar face. Diane’s team intercepts a man carrying vials of bear bile from Kathmandu and they put pressure on him to reveal his supplier and contact. A Swedish ship brings in some very disturbing video footage but the crew denies all knowledge of it. Maddern’s lack of business acumen begins to show through when he becomes involved in shipping caesium. Bill is offered early retirement. Diane and Barry drift further apart.

The Knock is a British television crime drama, created by Anita Bronson and broadcast on ITV, which portrayed the activities of customs officers from the London City & South Collection Investigation Unit of HM Customs and Excise.[1] The series derived its name from the distinctive “Knock knock knock” command used over the radio to synchronise a raid.

Five series were broadcast from 10 April 1994, until 11 November 2000. The series had a rotating cast, with only a small number of cast members appearing throughout the series’ run. The only three cast members to appear in every series were Caroline Lee-Johnson, Trevor Byfield and Steve Toussaint. The series also adopted a number of different formats: while the early series interspersed various storylines and had running plots across the series; later series adopted a multi-part format resulting in two or three cases per series; while the final series adopted a stand-alone week by-week format.

The series was axed in 2001 following poor viewing figures for the final series. This was blamed on the loss of several main cast members, a change in the format and the overall look of the series which changed dramatically following an overhaul by ITV executives in 1999 MORE AT LINK

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