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Morning Report: NZ and the Wuhan virus


As I expected the Wuhan virus was a major focus on RNZ Morning Report this morning.

Here I have collected their various reports from medical personnel, media and then the politicians

Am I filled with confidence, NO

It is noteworthy that RNZ this morning had no comment from the Minister of Health, Davi Clark or any of his associates. Does Ardern not trust Clark and his band of fools, after the measles and meningitis debacles?

1 Coronavirus likely to make it to NZ – public health specialist

Health authorities have now increased their presence at the border to try stop the Coronavirus getting in here, but a public health specialist warns it’s more likely than not to eventually arrive in New Zealand.

Fifty-six people have now died in China and more than 2000 are infected worldwide, including four cases in Australia.

Chinese scientists have warned that the new Coronavirus is infectious even before people develop any symptoms.

They believe the incubation period – during which a person has the disease, but no symptoms – ranges from between one and 14 days.

Jordan Bond reports

2 Coronavirus causes problems for NZ tourism companies

China has ordered all travel agencies in the country to cancel international tours from today, in a bid to try contain the spread of the new Coronavirus.

Domestic tours were stopped on Friday. The outbreak coincides with Chinese New Year – the peak holiday season for travellers from China.

Tourism operators over here are already feeling the impact on their businesses.

Stephen England-Hall is the chief executive of Tourism New Zealand.

He speaks to Susie Ferguson.

3 Coronavirus spreads to more countries

Nurses are at Auckland Airport this morning ready to test any unwell passengers arriving from China, as New Zealand steps up its response to the novel coronavirus which has spread to almost 2,000 people.

Fifty-six people have died from the virus, which broke out in Wuhan in Hubei and is thought to have originated in animals.

Cases have been confirmed in Japan, Taiwan, Nepal, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Australia, the US, and France.

Chinese officials say the virus is infectious in its incubation period – before symptoms show – making it harder to contain.

Corin Dann speaks to RNZ’s correspondent in Beijing, Patrick Fok.

4 Government steps up response to Coronavirus

Nurses have been stationed at Auckland Airport to test any unwell passengers arriving from China as the government steps up its response to the novel coronavirus.

The virus is thought to have originated in animals and has killed 56 people since it broke out in Wuhan, Hubei.

Cases have been confirmed in Japan, Taiwan, Nepal, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Australia, the US, and France.

Director of Public Health Dr Caroline McElnay speaks to Susie Ferguson

5 Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern rejects criticisms of Coronavirus response

New Zealand is stepping up its response to the Novel Coronavirus, as the death toll climbs.

Public health experts have said it’s likely the virus will make its way to New Zealand.

Corin Dann speaks to Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

Predictably vague, full of empathy and not much else. Mandy Rice Davies would have a bon mot for this

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