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Bridges throws the electoral dice (2)


On Sunday 2 February 2020 Simon Bridges, National Party leader, threw the electoral dice and ruled out going into coalition with Winston Peters New Zealand First party, aka as Winston First. I previously posted on this here – Bridges throws the electoral dice (1)

Labour’s PR machine swung rapidly into gear and was pro Peters – nor in the left facing Ardern media that passes for much of the NZ media in 2020. Especially now as the Ardern regime dangles media subsidy and new structure in front of many.

Anyway here is what was on RNZ this morning from Morning Report – National takes risk on rejecting potential coalition partner:-

The National Party has thrown down an electoral challenge – we won’t make any deal with New Zealand First post election, so don’t waste your vote on them.

It’s a high-stakes gamble, attempting to knee-cap the government’s coalition partner.

In response, New Zealand First leader Winston Peters said he was “unfazed” and suggested that Bridges would pay a high price for the move – saying if National needs New Zealand First and if Bridges doesn’t call him then another member of the National caucus will.

Mr Bridges speaks to Corin Dann.

Let’s take a look

Whilst there might be some wriggle room,Bridges seemed unequivocal and asserted that his caucus was behind him.

Bridges stops Peters playing his will he,won’t he games. Dann tries to say Bridges is rejecting MMP by ruling out Peters. However, the media rarely if ever ask the Greens who persistently rule out National similar questions.

However, the key is what does the electorate think. Not the people on Twitter,Instagram or Facebook nor in what passes for the media

More on this later

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