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Bridges throws the electoral dice (4)


On Sunday 2 February 2020 Simon Bridges, National Party leader, threw the electoral dice and ruled out going into coalition with Winston Peters New Zealand First party, aka as Winston First. I previously posted on this here – Bridges throws the electoral dice (1)

Then I posted this – Bridges throws the electoral dice (2) where Simon Bridges states the position with Corin Dann and in so doing exposes an inconsistency in the way media question National, but accept the Greens doing a similar thing.

Subsequently I looked at how a Political Reporter from RNZ summed this up – Bridges throws the electoral dice (3)

Then later on RNZ Morning Report we had this from RNZ Political Editor Jane Patterson

Opposition leader Simon Bridges has taken perhaps the biggest gamble of his political career – ruling out a coalition deal with New Zealand First after this year’s general elections.

He’s following in the footsteps of John Key, who made a similar pledge in 2008.

It worked for Key, Peters lost his Tauranga seat and with New Zealand First gaining less than 5 percent of the vote, the party was out of Parliament.

Can lightning strike twice?

RNZ’s political editor Jane Patterson speaks to Corin Dann.

This was a more balanced report.

However, the key is what does the electorate think. Not the people on Twitter,Instagram or Facebook nor in what passes for the media especially State Media – especially now as the Ardern regime looks at new state media structures.

National must now go hard against the weak Ardern regime, they are vulnerable in many areas. Attack, and attack hard from now until election day.

Attack,attack and attack agaun

More on this later

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