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Impeachment – a daily podcast: Key Republican: Acquit the Guilty President


February 01, 2020

A podcast series from WNYC


Where are we on impeachment today?

Yesterday, just after the Senate concluded the final round of questions and answers, the retiring Sen. Lamar Alexander, one of the Republicans most likely to vote to call witnesses, announced he’d heard enough. The President did what the House managers allege, Alexander wrote in a statement, but what they allege “does not meet the United States Constitution’s high bar for an impeachable offense.” With Alexander firmly in the “no” column, and fewer than 4 other Republicans poised to break ranks, the witness question appears settled. Democrats had been banking on the hope that new witness testimony would increase public pressure enough to secure the needed 20 GOP votes to remove the President. Without that pressure, and without more evidence to consider, there’s little more left to do in the Senate trial beside vote to either remove, or more likely, to acquit the President.

On this  episode:

Sarah Ferris, congressional reporter for Politico


About Impeachment: A Daily Podcast

Impeachment brings you the day’s biggest news and breaking stories as Congress pursues an impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump. 

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