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Play Of The Week: Our Day Out by Willy Russell



The television play “Our Day Out” was commissioned by the BBC and first broadcast in December 1977 as part of the BBC’s Play of the Week series.[1] Due to popular demand, it was shown again in February 1978 as part of the BBC’s Play for Today series and was also re-broadcast in 1979 and again in August 1990 and on BBC4 in 2008.[2]

Willy Russell had taught at Tiber street school, one of the locations used in the film and called on his experiences of school trips — as a teacher and as a child — when writing the screenplay, which he finished in five days. The film was shot on 16mm film by a first-time director in three weeks and features a largely untrained cast.[3]

The original television version was developed into a musical for the stage with songs by Willy Russell, Chris Mellor and Bob Eaton. This production, directed by Bob Eaton, was first performed at the Everyman Theatre, Liverpool in 1983. MORE AT LINK




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