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The Argument – NY Times (a podcast): What Did We Learn in Iowa?


From NY Times – one of the most recent episodes of The Argument podcast. This episode looks at the Iowa debacle and the impilcations.

As I have noted before to my mind Sanders is to the Dems much like Goldwater was to the Republicans – an appalling choice,especially against Donald Trump.

What does the debacle of the Iowa caucuses mean for the trajectory of the 2020 Democratic race? The columnists discuss the Democratic electorate’s neat split on the ground in Iowa, Bernie Sanders’s path to the nomination, and whether the Hawkeye State still deserves its first-in-the-nation status. Then, how worried should we be about the Wuhan coronavirus — and what does its spread say about China’s global standing? For background reading on this episode, visit



Transcript and more reading at NY Times


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