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Humour in the Morning – Benny Hill – Joggers (1988)


A silent segment which begins with Benny and Lorraine Doyle Just Married and they are changing for bed, but Benny changes into a Jogging outfit and goes jogging. The theme here is that everyone jogs. Benny goes for a jog in the park with Jon Jon Keefe. They are pursued by Sue Upton as the Old Lady with her nurse pushing her in a wheelchair. Carla De Wansey and Zoe Bryant play meter maids that put a ticket on a fatigued jogger’s head. Bob Todd attempts to drown himself with a boulder he is going to throw into a lake. Jerold Wells delivers milk to Carla De Wansey. In the park, Henry McGee gets a light from an olympic torch bearer for his cigarette. Sue Upton goes over a cliff in her wheelchair and gets picked up on a stretcher by two medics. When she gets back to the park, she is carried on the stretcher, and all the while she pinches and hits the men in the park with her cane. Benny is escorted home to Lorraine Doyle by two police officers. Aired 27 April 1988


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