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TVNZ-RNZ merger another broadcasting train wreck?


Barrie Saunders

Updated February 14 

The RNZ Concert programme train wreck is but a prelude to what is likely if the proposed RNZ-TVNZ merger goes ahead.

The Government has asked PWC to flesh out a plan that doesn’t stack up.  But we can be 100% confident that PWC will find the proposed merger is viable when they report to the Government mid 2020.  Consultants rarely produce reports the customer don’t like, and unlike the private sector, this one will be taxpayer underwritten, and we know what that means.

While in a small democracy and economy, I accept there is a case for a publicly owned broadcaster, it should exist alongside a thriving private media, which at present is in deep trouble as foreign digital media hoovers up most of the digital advertising, without providing any real NZ content.

RNZ is taxpayer funded directly through NZ On Air, with the Minister setting the…

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