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Classic Film Series: Sherlock Holmes – Spider Woman – Basil Rathbone, Nigel Bruce


Classic film series

A series of similar suicides take place in London while Holmes is on holiday in Scotland; shortly after complaining to Watson about his health, Holmes collapses into a ravine and is missing, presumed dead. In reality Holmes has faked his own death to try and track down the gang behind what he believes are murders, conducted by a “female Moriarty”. Seeing that the common connection between the deaths is a life insurance scheme, Holmes disguises himself as Raghni Singh, an Indian officer who has lost heavily on the gambling tables and is in disgrace: he is approached by Adrea Spedding, the leader of the gang, who tells him that he can borrow money using his insurance policy. She sees through Holmes’s disguise and attempts to kill him using a poisonous spider whose venom causes such excruciating pain that the victims kill themselves. Holmes and Watson visit the leading arachnologist Matthew Ordway to see who has purchased the spiders recently, but Holmes deduces that the man is an imposter. The imposter escapes and Holmes and Watson find Ordway’s body in the house. They trace the villains to a fairground where, despite an attempt on Holmes’s life, the gang are arrested.


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