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60 Minutes – Australia: Megzit Meltdown – What forced Meghan and Harry to do a royal runner?


What a piece of dreck – this was not forced on them, this was a PR failure from a pair of woke numpties. Basically I agree with Ms Greer


It’s not quite disintegrating, but there’s little doubt the Royal Family is fraying at the edges. Bad enough is Prince Andrew being entangled in an ongoing sex scandal involving young women, but even more gob-smacking is Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s daring – many say disrespectful – escape from the Firm. 

As Tom Steinfort reports from London, the shame of it is the Duke and Duchess of Sussex had promised so much in the way of positive PR for the Royals. Sticking to the fairytale script, they’d fallen in love, married in a castle, and produced a beautiful boy. But somehow it’s now all gone horribly askew.

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