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Midnight Mystery: Hetty Wainthropp in Missing Persons


This was an excellent series, this is I think a pilot, which I had not seen before for the Hetty Wainthropp Investigates series. If I find more episodes I will post them, probably in this slot

Good cast

Patricia Routledge stars as Hetty Wainthropp who gets her wings as a private investigator in this amusing and touching drama. Hetty, an unstoppable force of nature in a hat and sensible shoes, decides to track down the long lost son of her best friend’s husband. The sweet taste of success encourages her to search for missing persons on a professional basis.

Only her aching feet slow her down as she searches for teenage runaways in the alleys and strip clubs of London. Hetty’s husband, Robert, wants her at home, safe in the kitchen, but she never leaves a job unfinished, no matter how hard it becomes.









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