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Sunday Classic Comedy: Q Planes (1939) – Laurence Olivier,Valerie Hobson, Ralph Richardson



Q Planes” (1939) released in the United States by Columbia Pictures as “Clouds Over Europe”, is a British spy film directed by Tim Whelan and Arthur B. Woods, starring Ralph Richardson, Laurence Olivier and Valerie Hobson. The film was produced by Irving Asher with Alexander Korda as executive producer. The name “Q Planes” may have been derived from the British “Q-ships” that were used as spy and armed merchant vessels in the First World War. The film was helmed by American director Tim Whelan (Sidewalks of London (1938) and later, in 1940, co-director of The Thief of Bagdad) who was then in Britain working for Korda at Denham Studios. MORE AT LINK

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