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On reading the official pandemic plan


An interesting look at the NZ Pandemic Plan, but as Mr Riddell concludes
We really deserve and need more pro-active leadership and preparation from key ministers, and perhaps from officials too – but they mainly work for and to the ministers, whose handling of these event may yet feature significantly in this year’s election campaign.

croaking cassandra

I’ve been dipping into the official New Zealand Pandemic Action Plan  –  all 193 pages of it –  a bit in the last few days.  The document has evolved over the years and now describes itself as

This edition of the New Zealand Influenza Pandemic Plan reflects the sophistication of a third generation, risk-based plan that promotes collaboration across all levels of government, agencies and organisations when planning for, responding to and recovery form a pandemic event.


Pandemics by their nature are unpredictable in terms of timing, severity and the population groups that are most affected. This version of the New Zealand Influenza Pandemic Plan establishes a framework for action that can readily be adopted and applied to any pandemic, irrespective of the nature of the virus and its severity.

It isn’t really clear what status the document has at present.  It was finalised late in the term…

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