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Days of Hope (1975) – directed by Ken Loach – Episode 3 – 1924


“Episode Three: 1924” begins with Ben’s imminent release from prison. He has now become radicalised and joins the Communist Party along with Joel. Ben stays at the London home of Philip who is now a Labour M.P. During this episode the Durham miners meet a Soviet delegation at the House of Commons and express reservations over the change from “war communism” to the New Economic Policy. The episode concludes with Philip’s interview with Labour Minister Josiah Wedgewood (John Philips) concerning charges that Lloyd George’s strikebreaking plans were secretly passed on to the Labour Party now in power. Although Wedgewood dismisses the charge, a concluding caption shows that this information was indeed true. The plans were used by Stanley Baldwin’s Conservative Government to break the 1926 General Strike.

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