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DW: Guerillas in the Himalayas – Kashmir Showdown


Calls from the Indian part of Kashmir for independence are growing. In the longest border crisis since the end of the Second World War, India and Pakistan have been fighting over the mountain region in the heart of the Himalayas since 1947.

The Kashmir region is mainly split between India and Pakistan, with a small part over the border in China. But India and Pakistan both want to take over the whole area and Kashmir’s Muslim-majority is stuck in the middle. A guerilla movement has been fighting against the India’s central government since 1989 in a “war in a war” that seems to increase in intensity every year. On 14 February 2019, a young Kashmiri man drove his explosive-laden car into an Indian army bus, killing himself and 44 soldiers. This attack by radical Islamist separatists drew the attention of the shocked public to a new phenomenon. More and more young people from the Indian part of Kashmir are becoming radicalized and joining the rebels. But their resistance rules out any dialogue with the Indian authorities.

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