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Sloppy Journalism #18: More oleaginous dreck from Newshub on Ardern and ‘disciplining’ Shane Jones


In my earlier post – Sloppy Journalism 17: NZ Herald lying again for Ardern in this headline – I drew attention to how the Herald’s headline bore little relationship to the actual situation and and Jones is totally unrepentant.

Furthermore, both Ardern and Jones seem to be in breach of the Cabinet Manual.

However, not to be outdone, Rachel Sadler has this piece of oleaginous dreck at Newshub, where makes Ardern into Superwoman in slamming Jones.


This is just balderdash and complete misinformation, in fact it is gross misrepresentation of the reality. Jones made blatantly racist remarks, which he has since doubled down on, at a time of a Ministerial mission to India, led by his party’s leader Winston Peters.

Furthermore, other than some pious mouthing of concern, Ardern has done nothing. Slamming took place only in the reporter’s imagination. However, it is Election Year and some in the New Zealand Media feel it is their duty to shill for Ardern

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