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China, political interference and the matter of whether the Nats should give back $150,000


Point of Order

A terse – almost cryptic – statement from an unnamed person in the National Party alerted Point of Order to independent MP Jamie-Lee Ross’s focus on foreign political donations and foreign interference in New Zealand politics during a Parliamentary debate yesterday.

Using the legal protection afforded by Parliamentary privilege, Ross accused the National Party – to which he once belonged – of receiving “large amounts of foreign donations” linked to the Chinese Communist Party.  He called on National to return about $150,000 of Chinese money.

The National Party statement simply said:

The National Party is unaware of what Mr Ross was referring to today in Parliament and have not seen the document he referred to.

We stand by our previous statements on this matter and are confident that the Court will establish the clear facts.

Until that Court process is complete it is not possible for us to say more at…

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