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Saturday Night at the Movies



1.The I Don’t Care Girl

“The I Don’t Care Girl” is a semi-film within a film that opens in the office of producer George Jessel, who never saw a camera he couldn’t get in front of, who is holding a story conference to determine the screen treatment for the life of Eva Tanguay, and Jessel is unhappy with writers present him. He tells them to look up Eddie McCoy, Eva’s one-time partner , for the real inside story on the lusty and vital Eva. Eddie’s version is that he discovered her working as a waitress in an Indianapolis restaurant in 1912, wherein singer Larry Woods and his partner Charles Bennett get into a fight over her and both land in the hospital, and McCoy convinces the manager to put Eva on as a single to fill their spot. She flopped, but McCoy arranges for Bennett to be her accompanist, and she went out of his life. The writers look up Bennett, now head of a music publishing company, who says McCoy’s story is phony, and it was Flo Zigfeld who discovered Eva for his follies. Then Jessel’s staff comes up with a letter from Larry Woods with anothe version.

Main Cast Starring Mitzi Gaynor, David Wayne, Oscar Levant, Bob Graham, Craig Hill, Warren Stevens, and Hazel Brooks. Directed by Lloyd Bacon. Released January 20, 1953.

2. Island of Doomed Men (1940)

Mark Sheldon (Robert Wilcox) is an undercover secret service operative. He is assigned to investigate a modern time slave organization on a desert island way out in the Pacific. The organization hires prison convicts on parole and puts them into hard labor on the island, where they are unable to leave when they wish. Sheldon’s partner on the case is just about to reveal that the head of the racketeering operation on the island is a man named Stephen Danel (Peter Lorre), when he gets murdered. Sheldon suspects that Danel has ordered the kill and decides to go on investigating on his own.

3. Mahogany – Diana Ross,Billy Dee Williams,

4.Dick Tracy

5. I Passed For White (1960)  – James Franciscus

I Passed for White is a 1960 film directed and adapted for the screen by Fred M. Wilcox from a novel of the same name by Reba Lee “as told to” Mary Hastings Bradley. The film stars Sonya Wilde and James Franciscus and features Jimmy Lydon, Patricia Michon, and Isabel Cooley. It was released by Allied Artists on March 18, 1960.

Bernice Lee (Sonya Wilde) is a young woman of mixed African and European ancestry, living in Chicago with her family, who is mistaken for a purely white woman by a white man, who tries to hit on her repeatedly. Her brother, more obviously of mixed heritage, fights off the man. Bernice’s grandmother consoles her when she confides her troubles.

After a failed attempt at looking for employment as a black woman, she decides to leave town. She begins to use the name Lila Brownell and live as a white woman. On the plane to New York City she meets and eventually marries the man of her dreams – Rick Leyton (James Franciscus) – and fails to mention her African ancestry, an important omission as miscegenation is not a constitutional right in 1960. James and his wealthy family and friends are white. Her white friend Sally (Patricia Michon), and black maid Bertha (Isabel Cooley) both advise her not to tell him. She becomes pregnant, and fears the child will have black features or coloring – and gets a book to read about this unlikely possibility, which she hides. Rick eventually discovers it and their maid claims the book belongs to her.

Lila goes into premature labor and has a stillborn child, but cries out “Is the baby black?” after she awakens from anesthesia. This leads Rick to suspect that his wife has been unfaithful. Eventually, she and her husband divorce without Bernice ever having revealed her true name or past. She then returns to her family in Chicago and her original identity.

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