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Coronavirus economics: 10 March


A thoughtful post, Michael Riddell makes some very pertinent points.

croaking cassandra

Yesterday afternoon we had the latest round of official comment from the Prime Minister and the Minister of Finance, at the post-Cabinet press conference (transcript here).  It was really just more of the same.  The Prime Minister, in particular, tends to play down the risks to New Zealand, and offers little effective leadership.  Then again, the journalistic questioning didn’t seem very searching – no one, for example, asked about the rate at which Australian case numbers were growing and whether, with an open border and lots of travel (30000 arrivals a week from Australia) we aren’t really just in a Common Virus Area with Australia. “Wash your hands and carry on” seems to be the gist of her message –  as, no doubt, it was for many of her overseas peers….until it wasn’t.  There is still no pro-active discussion with the public about how the government is thinking of…

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