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Food, Glorious Food: TASTIEST CHICKPEA CURRY | quick recipe!!


Look forget the vegan issue, this just looks great and based on reviews tastes great also

I love chickpeas , they are readily available, as are the other ingredients. This nutritious and inexpensive.

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This is the tastiest quick chickpea curry recipe I’ve ever eaten, inspired by south India & very much like a channa masala this vegan chickpea curry will blow you away & it is made in just 20 minutes. Subscribe –… Recipe –… Books – #VEGAN100 Christmas book OUT NOW – This #Vegan #ChickpeaCurry is creamy, powerful & very authentic tasting. I have some top tips to make you chickpea curry incredible. Its gluten free & very rich thanks to the coconut milk & my secret ingredient coconut flour. Make sure you give this one a try. Gaz Oakley

Note a commenter suggests you fry the tomato paste before adding the coconut milk

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