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The curate’s egg


Unlike much of the MSM who essentially were largely uncritical, this post with a title that echoes the famous Punch cartoon, takes a much harder look at the Ardern/Robertson pony show of yesterday.
This post needs to be carefully read, it is worth it.

croaking cassandra

It was a poor package.  On so many counts.  And my sense of that has only strengthened overnight.  Perhaps at best one might label it as a curate’s egg –  and rather more in the original meaning than the colloquial one.

It had the feel of a package that started as one thing, perhaps relatively small, two or three weeks ago when the government was still focused on the coronavirus as a China issue –  things that had happened, but which would now gradually if slowly sort themselves out – and on the small range of sectors materially directly affected by the China experience.  They were backward looking, and they refused to face up to what was clearly coming –  and it was as clear as day at least a week ago.  So then rushed changes were made to the package on the fly, including efforts to bulk it up…

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