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A united front against Covid-19 is all very well, but it shouldn’t isolate the Ardern govt from hard questioning


And Ardern wants no questioning,as hard questions will expose the incompetent response by elements of her regime. Clark is manifestly unsuitable as MOH. Plus, let us note it is the Ardern regime that constantly politicises the Coronavirus crisis

Point of Order

As  the  Covid-19 crisis  deepens, the  country  needs  unity, not politics as  usual:  so  says  the  PM  Jacinda  Ardern.

Repeating  a  theme  she had expressed  in a speech the previous   day, she told  Parliament  on  Wednesday:

There are moments in our history where it’s not business as usual, where New Zealanders expect us to come together”, 

 “We are a nation that has been shaped because of our experiences, and they often have been tough, harsh, and unpredictable. That is when New Zealanders are at their best. That is when we rally: when we look after one another, when we care for the most vulnerable. So my final message is this to New Zealanders: be strong but be kind—we will be okay”.

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