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Tuba Skinny: – Thomas Henry Lodge’s ‘Temptation Rag


URGENT! Tuba Skinny and all New Orleans musicians are in a financial crisis and need your help. All concerts, clubs, and restaurants are now closed due to COVID-19. Go to and purchase music or tip the band. Links provided on the band’s web page. These YouTube videos are free but the band has bills to pay so please help the band in their time of need.

‘Temptation Rag’ was composed in 1909 as a piano piece by Thomas Henry Lodge (1884-1933) who grew up in Rhode Island. My guess is that Jason must be credited with persuading Tuba Skinny to add it to their vast repertoire: it is a tune he has often played with his various string bands. Tuba Skinny’s version closely follows the tetramerous structure of the piece in the original piano sheet music of 1909 and also as recorded by Lu Watters in 1942.


Members as of 2018 included  


ShayeCohn – Cornet
Todd Burdick- Tuba/Sousaphone
Robin Rapuzzi – Washboard
Jason Lawrence – Banjo
Max Bien Kahn – Guitar
Greg Sherman – Guitar
Barnabus Jones – Trombone
Ewan Bleach – Clarinet

Erika Lewis ( recently only appears intermittently)



 For more than a decade Tuba Skinny has played on the street where appreciative listeners can tip the band. You too now can support their artistry by tipping them online. Using donate to Using donate to “tuba skinny.” You also can support the band by buying their music:

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