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Cops help iwi with roadblocks as a cultural response to Covid-19 – and perhaps to portend a policing “partnership”


So it seems the government and Police are allowing a segment of society to behave lawlessly. Where is the hard questioning from National,ACt and the media? How is this acceptable? This is deeply concerning.

Point of Order

The proposition that our Police are paving the way for a partnership in which former MP Hone Harawira and other iwi leaders police communities within the borders they define went unchallenged when put to press officers working for the Prime Minister and the Police.

The picture painted in the preceding paragraph was drawn from Deputy Police Commissioner Wally Haumaha’s statement on road blocks Harawira set up in Northland to check tourists’ health.  He declared:

” … we want to model what it looks like when iwi, police, councils and other agencies work in partnership”. 

But nether the Police nor the Prime Minister’s Office directly answered questions put to them by Point of Order about the legality of Harawira’s blocking public roads while policing the a border which he presumably established.

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