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Deep State Radio: Flying Blind: Facing an Unprecedented Crisis In a Time of Complete Leadership Failure in Washington


By acquitting Trump the GOP controlled Senate has increased the concerns and risks

March 16,2020

There are countries and systems that are managing the COVID-19 crisis comparatively well. South Korea, which invested heavily and early in testing is one. Singapore, in the view of renowned infectious disease expert and Pulitzer Prize-winner Laurie Garrett, may be an even better one. Their testing is almost ubiquitous and trust in the government’s handling of the crisis is rock solid. Garrett, Just Security’s Ryan Goodman and host David Rothkopf discuss what we can learn from these success and compare them to the still disastrous situation in the U.S. (and the lunatic approach embraced by the government of the U.K.). From how much longer this social and economically disruptive crisis will go on to what the science is telling us right now, this is an essential discussion.






About this series

Twice a week, this podcast will take you on a smart, direct, sometimes scary, sometimes profane, sometimes hilarious tour of the inner workings of American power and of the impact of our leaders and their policies on our standing in the world. Hosted by noted author and commentator David Rothkopf and featuring regulars Rosa Brooks of Georgetown Law School, Kori Schake of Stanford University and David Sanger of the New York Times, the program will be the lively, smart dinner table conversation on the big issues of the day that you wish you were having…without the calories. Sometimes special guests will join the conversation and always the emphasis will be on providing the unvarnished perspectives others shy away from. Deep State Radio is the insider perspective on American national security and foreign policy that you can’t find anywhere else.


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