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RNZ Insight: Free speech vs hate speech: The government’s dilemma +Adam’s commentary


There are widely differing views on this issue, but I suspect the proposals which are being worked on in secret will lean very heavily towards limiting freedom of expression and will pander to wokeness and identity politics as far too often happens elsewhere.

Potentially such laws could see even classic literature effectively banned.
I have little confidence that historic freedoms will be protected and of course our, in my view, overly political police leadership will vigorously enforce the new laws leading to absurdities such as the recent Harry Miller case in the UK. Plus this post as well. It will be interesting to see if there are special provisions for Maoris, plus will Christians be ignored but effectively blasphemy reintroduced under the guise of protecting say Muslims.

From RNZ Insight

Insight –  New Zealand’s hate speech laws could be changing. The potential shake-up has fired up free speech crusaders, who say the sacred right to freedom of expression is under threat. But minority communities say legislative change is needed to counter growing hate speech. For Insight, Katie Scotcher investigates.



I have little confidence that any proposals will be other than restrictive, especially when you consider what has been revealed so far and Little’s past musings (for example) on this issue

I conclude this post with this video clip on the issue

And here is the Constable Savage clip

Indeed some might argue this is happening at the present time in NZ

Finally, Thomas Paine wrote:

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom, must, like men undergo the fatigues of supporting it”

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