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After the lockdown, the economy’s recovery will be dependent on dairy farms and their milk


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Point of Order

The planet is  in a state of   flux,   economies are tumbling into  recession, no-one (not even Donald Trump) can predict  when the agony will  end.

Suddenly, the streets  are  empty:  life  as  we have  known  it is  now  very  different. The  nation  is  in   lockdown.

As  the  London  “Economist” put it:

The struggle  to  save  lives  and the  economy  is  likely to present  agonising choices…As  that  sends economies  reeling, desperate  governments are trying to tide over  companies and  by handing out millions of  dollars in  aid and loan guarantees. Nobody can be sure how these rescues  will work”.

Parliament, in  one of its  last  legislative  actions  before  it too went into lockdown,  passed  an  imprest  supply  bill   which,  as   Finance  Minister  Grant Robertson noted,  was not  “ordinary”.

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