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Piece of Cake – #5/6 – May 1940 – Tim Woodward, Tom Burlinson, Neil Dudgeon, George Anton



About the series

Piece of Cake is a 1988 British Six-part television serial depicting the life of a Royal Air Force fighter squadron from the day of the British entry into World War II through to one of the toughest days in the Battle of Britain (7 September 1940). The series was produced by Holmes Associates for LWT for ITV and had a budget of 5 million pounds


About this episode

August 1940 – Hornet squadron is reinforced in readiness to take part in the Battle of Britain. Gordon has been rendered eccentric and mentally unstable by grief. Amongst the new pilots are a Czech pilot named ‘Haddy’ Haducek, a Pole named ‘Zab’ Zabarnowski and a nervous Englishman Steele-Stebbing who Moggy chooses as his next victim for bullying. Hornet squadron are soon in the thick of the action as the German air-force repeatedly attack South-East Britain. To his horror, Steele-Stebbing is ordered by Moggy to destroy an un-armed German rescue plane.

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