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Post Lockdown – #1 – What will be?


Nobody knows what the post lockdown world will be like.

One thing, I think is beyond question it will not be as it was before.

Whatever our politicians like to pretend. Far too many at present look backward, not forward.

The economic landscape has changed, changed dramatically and we all need to understand this.

Our government’s planning for the future gives me very little confidence.

We seem to be relying on infrastructure, after all it worked for FDR. Well guys, that was in the 1930s, and I think you will find that it was only WWII that actually pulled the US economy forward, not infrastructure.

One of our immediate problems will be dealing with:

1 The many small businesses driven to the wall by this government’s incompetence

2 The problems that causes for communities and society as a whole

3 The lack of real world understanding exhibited by all our politicians, but especially the Labour and Green Parties, who peddle ideological nostrums

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