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Health Minister goes for a drive and a mountain bike, breaks rules, nothing happens – so why should we follow the lockdown rules?


This post from Kiwiblog sets out quite clearly why David Clark should have been fired. Apart from anything else it would have been a good example of ‘pour encourager les autre’

Stuff reports: Health Minister David Clark drove to a Dunedin park two kilometres from his home to ride a mountain bike trail, as New Zealand marked …

Health Minister goes for a drive and a mountain bike

There was another little piece worth noting and that was the aside about Nigel Latta and his comments in February on Coronavirus.

The key facts revealed here:

1 Clark’s hubris and arrogance, together with contempt for the people asked to abide by the rules

2 Ignoring policy enunciated repeatedly by the government

3 His irrelevance to this crisis, if he is sidelined in Dunedin, if he is not required in Wellington in a crisis when he is Minister of Health. Then clearly he is not required at all.

4 Ardern’s woeful lack real leadership.

5 Ardern’s poor judgement in doing a FB session with Nigel Latta and thus not fronting the daily presser.

6 Incidentally why Latta, when in February he was actively playing down the threat from Coronavirus

So why should anyone else follow the lockdown rules, if Clark does not

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