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Hey David, Jacinda has a message for you!!!



Key issues here

1. Flagrant flouting of lockdown guidance, compounded by his role as a Senior Minister and MOH to boot.

2 Lack of apology, other than to Ardern.

3 Behaviour will encourage others to break rules

4 Ardern demonstrated, yet again, that she will not enforce ethics and proper behaviour in her Cabinet if she can avoid doing so

5 Bad PR for Ardern and the regime when they have set up a dob-in tip line for lockdown violations to be reported

6 Police fail to enforce rules again

7 Ardern’s name and shame policy is nonsense as she signally failed here

In essence, it was not the offence as such that matters as the myriad negative signals and perceptions it generates such as

A) government is elitist,hubristic and arrogant

B) government has contempt for electorate

C) Ardern is insincere and hypocritical

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