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Looking to the past


Another interesting post from Michael Reddell and again with some good comments in the thread. I would draw readers specific attention to comments in the post and the thread regarding the model developed by Rodney Jones, which was used by government in it’s claims on Friday.

croaking cassandra

It was tempting to devote the whole of this morning’s post to the two latest utterances from the Governor of the Reserve Bank (perhaps together with the column in the Herald by the Governor’s chief journalistic channeller).  Particularly egregious was Orr’s sunny upbeat piece in the Sunday Star-Times yesterday.  Perhaps I still will write such a post –  it is frightening that such powerful senior officials are capable of such pap, and yet face very little accountability – but for now perhaps  I’ll just copy the heading of the email someone sent me yesterday about the SST column.


But in this post I wanted to look at a couple of papers that came out a week or so ago trying to look at some of the economic effects of past pandemics.  One of these appeared even to have been cited or referred by the Prime Minister in her…

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