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You could try going to court to flush out legal advice on Police powers – but don’t expect a hearing in a hurry


Parker was extremely arrogant at the ERC, but then this regime is always arrogant at any attempt to hold it to account. This issue must be pursued, but do not rely on the NZ media, they are too busy fawning over Ardern in the hope of securing a government handout

Point of Order

It shouldn’t be necessary, in the circumstances, but the Government is being urged to release the legal advice it has received about Police being able to enforce the lockdown rules.

National’s Justice spokesperson, Mark Mitchell, today  issued a press release saying the government has a duty to release this advice.

There is “huge confusion” among the public about what the rules are, with both the Prime Minister and former Police Commissioner contradicting each other, Mitchell contends.

“Even now with the Section 70 notice from the Ministry of Health it’s important New Zealanders understand what powers the Police have and how those decisions have been made.

 When the entire country is in lockdown, the case for public interest could not be higher and far outweighs any decision to withhold the advice, says Mitchell.

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