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Wraps must be removed from critique of NZ’s capability for quickly tracing the contacts of Covid-19 victims


Some good points raised in this post at Point of Order – note this comment bt ACT leader David Seymour – ‘ “But it has refused to release Crown Law advice on the legal basis for the lockdown and Police’s significant new powers. Nor has the public seen any of the advice Cabinet relied on for its major decisions over the past month.’
Whatever happened to Ardern’s claims of ‘openness and transparency’

Point of Order

The public health system must be capable of quickly tracing all people with whom newly identified coronavirus victims have been in contact.

This capability must be a critical element in ministers’ video-link deliberations today as the Cabinet decides whether the country is ready to step down from level four to level three in the campaign to conquer Covid-19.

The government should also publish any analysis of this capability by people with relevant expertise.

Some of the experts – we are told – have raised serious concerns.

According to a weekend report in the New Zealand Herald:  

Scientists are sounding the alarm behind closed doors at the Ministry of Health over New Zealand’s readiness to move to more relaxed pandemic settings.

Their concerns centre on the ministry’s ability to rapidly trace close contacts of Covid-19 cases and an outdated surveillance system – described by one insider as a “dinosaur”.

If those…

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