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My reaction to Ardern’s briefing today


Following on from my reblog of a post by Homepaddock earlier today,

I had this reaction to today’s piece of propaganda from Ardern at 13:00 today

I have every sympathy with Steve Elers comment in his Stuff column at the weekend

During the Covid-19 daily briefings I’ve found myself yelling at the TV screen and sometimes even throwing things at it. Why? Because our journalists seem far too chummy with the prime minister instead of fulfilling their role as the watchdog for society.

A healthy democracy requires the news media to hold power to account, regardless of who is in power, and to question government decisions, just like when the prime minister says: “Elimination doesn’t mean zero cases, it means zero tolerance for cases.”

Indeed the adulation by some of Ardern has reached ludicrous proportions, aided and abetted by it must be said many in the media, both domestically and internationally, for whom Ardern is somehow a totemic leader.

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