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Sloppy Journalism #23: Herald beats Ardern PR drum


A new entry in the Sloppy Journalism series is more  dreck from NZ Herald.

But when you look at the ‘article’, it essentially consisted of tweets from Americans with praise for Ardern.

In other words it was a piece of spin, promoting Ardern.

Again is showed:

a) the way in which media outlets pormote brand Ardern

b) the insecurity of NZ as we play up nonsense praise from overseas

But, as I have noted before, all becomes clear when we remember that it is Election Year and some in the New Zealand Media feel it is their duty to shill for Ardern

Plus of course they are all scambling for taxpayer $, and Ardern’s regime duly announced an aid package this week. So do not expect any adverse reporting about the government.

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