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Now let’s see how Robertson harnesses the powers of the state to revive the economy


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Finance Minister  Grant  Robertson,  who only four  months ago  would have  been quietly rejoicing at the prospect of presenting an election-winning  budget,  now has the challenge of framing a  programme to  salvage  the  economy.  It will be a  formidable  task,  even  if at the time of presentation the country is  in sight of  freeing itself  from  the  blight of  Covid-19.

He says  he  has  a strong personal  belief  in  the  power of  the state  to  do  good.   And   certainly  the  Ardern   coalition   has  deployed  the   power of  the state  effectively  in the campaign  against the  Covid-19  pandemic.

If  Robertson  can  do the  same  with the  economy,  he  will win a  place   in  history.  But   with  economists  predicting  unemployment will soar  above 10% of the workforce,  and consequently  inequality  set to deepen,  many New Zealanders could be  disadvantaged for  life.

Already Robertson is getting  plenty of advice   on what   his priorities …

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