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Why is Iwi ‘policing’(aka vigilantism) being further endorsed by NZ Police?


I have previously posted about this government’s acceptance of vigilante road blocks.

See  – You will know the border has been reached when virus vigilantes stop you in the name of health and safety ;

plus – Cops help iwi with roadblocks as cultural response to Covid-10 – perhaps to portend a “ policing” partnership

and – A checkpoint charlie would be someone who doesn’t question the legality – but the PM seems comfortable they pass muster

and – Why are NZ Police supporting vigilante thugs

Now the first three posts were reblogged items from Point Of Order, which drew attention to matters of considerable concern.

The last post above was some of my own thoughts on the issue.

I finished the post with a list of questions/issues viz:

1 Why are the NZ Police acquiescing in this illegality?

2 Why are the NZ Police giving implicit endorsement to the roadblocks?

3 Why is clearly intimidatory behaviour allowed?

4 Why is a racial group given approval to deprive people of their rights?

5 Why has the government not stopped this?

6 Will these roadblocks be allowed to persist after the lockdown?

7 On a wider note, why are the NZ Police acting in a divisive manner?

8 Is Wally Haumaha Deputy Police Commissioner, or is he jus the Deputy Police Commissioner for Māori? If so, why has he not been stood down?

9 Do the NZ Police and NZ Government now endorse ‘no go’ zones?

10 Why are the iwi being allowed what are policing powers in these areas.

11 What is the stance of our political parties and their leaders in this matter?

My mind turned to this issue again when I read this tweet

The acquiescence by government and the police to the initial establishment of these roadblocks has predictably led to their spread.

Note how McDonald started from an ethnic perspective, not from any consideration of the entirety of the community. The tweet seemed to bristle with a celebration of separatism.

My concerns were heightened when I read the NZ Herald article referenced in the tweet.

The article was bylined Chelsea Boyle.

Iwi representatives say the checkpoints will be operating with support from Taranaki police in Urenui and Patea, and a mobile police patrol will be operating at the eastern entrance to Taranaki along the Forgotten Highway (SH43).

Checkpoints at the region’s boundaries mean that people will be questioned about their reasons for being on the road and for travelling into Taranaki.

By what right do these iwi stop and question travellers?

Then I read:

If travel is deemed unnecessary or non-essential, travellers will be asked to return home and be provided with information on Covid-19 alert-level expectations

Unless this is asked by a police constable who is making this decision?

Since when do ‘community’ representatives decide what is or is not essential or necessary?

The Police Commissioner is reported as saying, in the article

If checkpoints for vulnerable communities are deemed necessary for the overall safety and wellbeing of a community, they:

• Will be operated by district police alongside community members.

• Will be conducted in a safe manner, according to police operational guidelines and practices.

• Will be guided by the relevant alert level status as set out in the Government’s Covid-19 response.

• Will not restrict access for people moving through for legitimate purposes.

“We recognise that community efforts to stop the spread of Covid-19 are motivated in the interests of the wider community,” Coster said.

“However, police must protect people’s fundamental right to freedom of movement around their region for legitimate purposes.”

This on the face of it seems not unreasonable. I am not convinced.

Why are NZ Police essentially:

  • supporting one ethnic group?
  • what happens if an iwi does not agree with police views?
  • are police there at all times?
  • who makes determinations?
  • who has liability for any mishaps?
  • will police support roadblocks in non Maori areas?

Whilst having sympathy for the concerns of some in these communities, I see broader issues here of equality of treatment under the law, freedom of movement, endorsement of potentially separatist agendas, the establishment of not go’ areas.

Furthermore, NZ Police seem to be adopting a political agenda here and endorsing activists, of one racial group, but such endorsements would be unlikely to be forthcoming should other racial groups act similarly.

Still we have tolerance from the Ardern regime, little hard questioning from the NZ media, hardly unexpected and very little comment from National Party.

The questions I raised in my earlier post are still relevant.

Some further questions/ issues to those in my earlier post and those noted above include:

1 What is meant by educating people about Level 3 restrictions?

2 we are bombarded day and night with information about the lockdown and the restrictions, why do we need to be educated further and who by

3 Are these additional checkpoints a result of seeing other groups being allowed to do this?

4 On what basis are the activists undertaking these roadblocks deemed to be essential workers?

These roadblocks are to my mind very wrong. I abhor the behaviour of the government and believe they and NZ Police will have cause to regret their decisions in this regard.

Personally, I have very little respect at this time for NZ Police who seem in 2020 to be very PC and woke and no longer acting objectively.


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