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NZ Police now doing PR for Ardern and Labour


In an article at NZ Herald, not attributed to a named writer – Covid 19 coronavirus: Police Commissioner Andrew Coster questioned over Clarke Gayford video – questioning of Police Commissioner Coster by National MP and shadow Police Minister at the Epidemic Response Committee yesterday (30 April 2020). Hudson was raising concerns over an NZ Police video headlined by Clarke Gayford.

“Do you think that a video is appropriate and does it risk politicising police?”

Coster replied that police had collaborated with Wellington Paranormal for some time.

Coster went on

“He is a well-known TV personality, in his own right, and that was the sort of connection that caused it to come about.

“I appreciate the question about political neutrality. I understand the concern.”

Well sorry Commissioner I do not think that you do, if you truly did, you would not have permitted this video to feature Gayford.

Hudson said the video raised a risk around perception at a time when “perception is every bit as important as reality”.

Coster replied that when he learned about the video, he told his team it was an area where they needed to be really careful.

It was important that they were not seen to be acting with partiality, he said.

Well Mr Coster, I think you and your colleagues were partial.

If the NZ Police were truly apolitical and did not wish to be tainted with accusations of promoting the Ardern menage and by inference the Ardern regime, they would not have allowed this video to be released.

However, I am not surprised by this at all. In my view it is quite clear that the NZ Police is now more concerned with being woke, PC and supporting the Ardern government than actually enforcing the law.

The NZ Police needs major reform and top management is clearly not up to the job.

This video is, in my opinion, totally inappropriate at any time, but in an Election Year it transgresses all boundaries of acceptabilty.


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