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Undercover Mumbai – by Ayeesha Menon: S02 E01 – Undercover Mumbai



This fast-paced, police thriller follows Alia Khan, a young woman inspector in the Bandra Division of the Mumbai Police Force, as she attempts to solve a series of crimes, make sense of her troubled past and cope with being a woman in a male-dominated and chauvinistic police force.

Series 1
Episode 1 – Gutter Baby – When a baby is rescued from a gutter, it falls on the only female police officer on hand, Alia Khan, to look after it. Stuck with a new partner anda boss who is determined to put her in her place, Alia has to fight to be noticed.
Episode 2 – What’s Cooking? – The search for a missing husband leads Police Inspector Alia Khan to the door of the Tandoori restaurant where he was last seen.
Episode 3 – Body of Christ – The body of a young girl is washed up on a beach. A tattoo on her ankle leads police inspector Alia Khan on the trail of a child prostitution ring.
Episode 4 – Mad Women – Police Inspector Alia Khan investigates a psychiatric hospital where women are admitted but never seem to come out.
Episode 5 – Five-Star Death – A dead glamour model in a five-star hotel leads Police inspector Alia Khan on the trail of Bollywood’s leading heart-throb.
Episode 6 – One Last Sacrifice – As India’s general elections draw near, and the world’s largest democracy decides its future, A murder and a political scandal leads Police Inspector Alia Khan to unravelling the truth about her policemanfather’s death. A climactic hour-long final episode of the police detective serial set in Mumbai.

Series 2
Episode 1 – On her release from jail, disgraced police inspector Alia Khan seeks a life of obscurity as a receptionist in a run down Mumbai hotel. But murder soon comes knocking at her door.
Episode 2 – Disgraced police inspector Alia Khan is enlisted to help catch a serial killer whose preferred location for his crimes is the rooftop of the hotel where Alia is receptionist. Teaming up with incompetent Inspector Ratna Shinde, it soon becomes clear that the murderer is trying to communicate something to Alia through the victims themselves.

Series 3
The body of a young woman, Nyla Ansari, is found in a bathtub in her parents’ home, a bottle of pills beside her. It looks like a suicide, until the discovery of the video she made a year before claiming her father, a wealthy Indian businessman, was going to kill her.

Police Inspector Alia Khan goes undercover, moving into the flat next door with her male colleague Junaid Qureshi. Posing as a newly married couple, their mission is to befriend Nyla’s family, their servants and friends, and discover the truth.

Third series of the crime drama set and recorded in India. Written by Ayeesha Menon and directed by John Scott Dryden.



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