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Where’s Kelvin


David Farrar had a post at Kiwiblog on some recent comments by Brooke Sabin on Kelvin Davis and his failure to properly perform as Tourism Minister.

Brook Sabin writes: Could somebody please send out a search party and locate Tourism Minister Kelvin Davis?  I don’t mean that literally. I know …

Where’s Kelvin

Then, just to confirm Sabin’s comments and Farrar’s commentary, someone allowed Davis to be interviewed by Paul Henry. It was a complete train wreck, as Henry eviscerated Davis.

Davis should be fired. He is hopeless and hapless. His role as Tourism Minister needs to be terminated.

At a time when a major segment of the NZ economy is under immense strain as a result of the pandemic, the country needs a high performing, competent Tourism Minister, not this fool.

So why, if Ardern is such a great leader does she accept performances such as those exhibited by Twyford,Davis,Clark, Jackson,Genter, Jones, Iain Lee’s-Galloway for example.

Ardern’s leadership and performance management is demonstrated to be poor, yet again.

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