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Parker has kept the trade channels open – now let’s see how Robertson’s budget can boost production


Point of Order

Audrey  Young, political editor  of the  NZ  Herald,  writes   that  Jacinda Ardern  has  her  A team to handle  the Covid-19 crisis and then her  AAA team.  There are  four members in the A team – herself,  Grant Robertson, Winston Peters and David  Parker.

They are  keeping watch on the  bigger picture to how  NZ emerges from the crisis. Her  AAA  team  has one member, Robertson”.

Point of  Order  won’t  quibble  with Young’s  arithmetic  on the  AAA team because the point  she is  seeking to make  is valid:  Robertson  is  now  the undisputed leader  in Labour’s   bus test — the  informal test that answers who would  take over  if the leader accidentally  fell  under a  bus.

It would be Robertson, no question. Kelvin  Davis is deputy in  name  only”.    

As  Young notes,  when  Robertson  deputises  for  Ardern, it is  an  effortless  switch.

Robertson will  consolidate …

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