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Tuba Skinny: Tuba Skinny @ Duke Heitger 4th Annual Steamboat Stomp, 23-25 September, 2016.



Top Deck this wonderful warm and sunny afternoon onboard Paddle Steamer The Natchez, before cruising down and up the mighty Mississippi, Tuba Skinny made their first appearance on the River. Quoting from Steamboat Stomp’s presentation: “Tuba Skinny came together in New Orleans in 2009 as a loose collection of street musicians and has since evolved to a fully formed professional band. Their unique sound evokes the rich musical heritage of New Orleans from the early jazz and blues and the twenties and thirties, ragtime, and traditional jazz. The band consists of tuba, trombone, cornet, tenor banjo/guitar,
vocals, washboard, and occasionally clarinet. The band has gained a loyal following through their distinctive sound, their commitment to reviving long-lost songs, and their barnstorming live performances.”
Erika Lewis (v&drum), Todd Burdick (tuba), Jason Lawrence (bnj), Max Bien-Kahn (g), Shaye Cohn (cornet), Barnabus Jones (tb), Robin Rapuzzi (washboard), Tomas Majcherski (sax) and Craig Flory (cl).
For you to enjoy this footage from their full one hour performance on Friday, September 23rd, 2016 on the Natchez, New Orleans

For more than a decade Tuba Skinny has played on the street where appreciative listeners can tip the band. You too now can support their artistry by tipping them online. Using donate to Using donate to “tuba skinny.” You also can support the band by buying their music:

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