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Mollifying Maori Party president about discriminatory words would call for much rewriting of NZ law books


More race prejudice from the privileged people, flexing their political muscles

Point of Order

Point of Order has plucked a piece of legislation from the law books – the Fire and Emergency New Zealand Act 2017 – which mentions the power to enter homes and marae.

It says:

A FENZ inspector must not, except with the consent of an occupier or under a warrant, enter any land or building that is a home or a marae or a building associated with a marae.

We wonder if this is acceptable to the president of the Maori Party.

The Food Act contains provisions on marae food. 

This seems troublesome, too, after the Maori Party’s president was quoted as saying “prejudice” tainted the highly contentious Covid-19 Public Health Response Bill from the time it used a term that pertains to Māoridom.


Similarly, the Charities Act 2005 might be problematic.

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