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There’s Budget money for the primary sector – but not nearly as much as for the tourist industry ($400m) or Maori ($900m)


Point of Order

A press statement that seemed to have missed the bus on Budget day was among the announcements, proclamation, edicts and what-have-you posted on the Beehive website yesterday.

It came from Agriculture and Biosecurity Minister Damien O’Connor who presumably wanted to show the rural community he has been earning his keep and that Budget 2020 makes major investments in the primary sector that will support more than 10,000 people into jobs.

But if we tot up the numbers in his statement, it’s not nearly as much major investment as the $900 million for Maori or the $400 million for the tourist industry.  Taxpayers (or will it come from the government’s lending sources?) will be called on to cough up –

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