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I just saw a squad of flying pigs overhead!


The hypocrisy of Labour

Labour dumps Louisa Wall and will no doubt anoint Grant Robertson’s friend as the replacement.

Wall in many ways fitted a key Labour demographic, but several factors seem to be against her, an ability to think for herself, not a toady

Now I was no fan of Ms Wall, but by all accounts she was a good local MP,.
So we have the faux outrage over National’s lineup, but Wall gets pushed out.

As Ms Wall had previously said she was going to fight Labour HQ over the candidate selection, one wonders just what pressure was brought to bear?

Furthermore, it brings into sharp focus the extent to which Labour’s selection process is under the control of a central party group, as opposed to the infinitely more democratic and locally controlled electorate proses within National.

But of course only National plays dirty, Labour are kind, open and transparent. Yeah, and I just saw a squad of flying pigs.

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  1. Tony Stuart permalink
    30/05/2020 10:03

    Even more interesting is that the preferred Head Office candidate. Arena Williams, was days late in lodging her nomination forms, and that there are allegations of a whole lot of new members who are not resident in the electorate. There seems to have been a determined effort by the party to gerrymander the selection process.

    Thank goodness for the way things are done in the National Party, where loacl party people, who have been members of the National Party for a defined period of time, get to make the decision, and Head Office merely attends as an observer, to ensure proper process is followed.


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