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Some more welcome than others



The move to alert level 1 takes us back to nearly as life was pre-Covid-19, except that border are closed, at least to some though not others:

With calving season about to kick off, calls are mounting for critical migrant workers to be allowed back into New Zealand.

Going into calving short-staffed isn’t how Waikato’s Duncan Scott wanted to begin the new milking season.

But like many dairy farmers around the country, Scott’s without key staff who are unable to return to New Zealand because of border restrictions prompted by the international Covid-19 pandemic. . . 

His herd manager has been on the farm for three years and can’t be replaced by someone inexperienced.

Scott said he understood the current drive to employ Kiwis and he had taken on people who were previously out of work because of the economic fallout of Covid-19.

“But you also need some experienced…

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